Pathways through assessing, learning and teaching the CEFR

This KIT includes WORKSHEETS A (more conceptual) and WORKSHEETS B (more focused on practice and class activities).

The WORKSHEETS have been devised to be a flexible tool so every teacher/teacher trainer can decide freely in what order to use them. However, scenarios of usage and reports of experiences are presented in the Guide ECEP. 

Below the title, each WORKSHEET presents the goals, the keywords and the references both to the Guide (sections of the Guide ECEP concerned) and to the CEFR (chapter and sections of the CEFR where the main subject of the CARD is treated).

In the cases where some additional material is required to complete the WORKSHEET, there is the indication: “To complete this worksheet you’ll need …”

Each WORKSHEET contains one or more tasks, and each task contains one or more steps too.

Next to each task there is an indication of the working arrangements:

= Individual work
= Pair work
= Group work

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