Expected results

  • A STUDY (after investigation and interviews) on the real assessment practices of the teachers in language classes and on the underlying culture: on how these practices are adapted to the context and the target pupils/students; explanations on the reasons that restrain and hinder the development of a culture of assessment. All that will be dealt with by taking into consideration European unity and local didactic diversities. This study will be available online and a synthesis of it will be integrated into the reference work.
  • A REFERENCE WORK, including:
    1. a reflective approach to the "philosophy" (principles and backgrounds) of the Framework in relation to both diversity and unity of cultures;
    2. a reconsideration of the teaching situations named in 1, in order to enable a transfer of the "philosophy" of the Framework to didactic applications: aims, progressions, tasks, relations with local, national and transnational certifications;
    3. a training kit (online, on CD-Rom and as paper version) pursuing the following aims:
  • to learn how to observe and reflect upon one’s own pupils;
  • to try and become a reflective practitioner by self-education and mutual exchanges within  teams of teachers;
  • to develop a double competence of analysis of one’s own cultural context and comparison of it with the "philosophy" of the Framework; 
  • to build an approach of integrated assessment based on guidelines and key questions.
  • A cooperation with Radio-France International for uploading on a website part of the elements of investigation and results.
  • Paper publications in France: publication of a volume of the Cahiers de l’Asdifle (available online) and Clé International Nathan (under discussion). For Germany, Poland, Italy: negotiations by participants in the project with several publishers (eg. Klett Verlag).



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