Aim and specific objectives

The main aim consists of developing, for teachers of languages, an initial and continual support in the culture of evaluation and then in the evaluation itself, on the basis of the research on self-efficacy (Bandura), on the reflective practitioner and on the necessary competences of teachers (cf. the profile project, coordinated by M. Kelly). For L1 teachers, we mainly aim at making them aware of the complexity of language learning, which is too often limited to the study of literature, in particular, and of grammar in certain countries.
Specific objectives
  1. to collect and consider the contributions and practical knowledge of the teachers on their practice of assessment and the underlying culture: in particular, contribution of teachers in training in the countries concerned with the project (effective way of collecting information for reflection and orientation in the design of tools);
  2. to create a theoretical and practical reference tool for teachers including the positive contributions as in point 1;
  3. to create, for language teachers and trainers, a self-training kit both on paper (to be published in different countries) and on electronic support (CD + internet platform) with various sections and links to web space connected with the ECML for:
  • observation of and feedback on practice;
  • training to the reflective approach;
  • training to the principles and backgrounds of the Framework and the freedom it allows;
  • training to an integrated and contextualised approach to evaluation.


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